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Barrett Tagliarino
To Whom It May Concern:

Please allow me to introduce and recommend Jon Dufore. I was Jon’s private instructor while he completed his vocational program requirements at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. During his time with me Jon was very professional at all times, completing all his assignments with enthusiasm and dedication.

Jon is a passionate explorer of all musical topics he learns about. Together we worked on advanced theory concepts, jazz improvisation, composition, sight-reading, and guitar technique, among many other subjects. Jon worked hard and learned fast, as well as being a very pleasant student to deal with on an ongoing basis. He’s a great player who’s getting better all the time. I think he would be a welcome addition to any educational program or professional situation for which he is under consideration.


Barrett Tagliarino
Instructor, Musicians Institute

Tom Kolb
August 14, 2012
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Jon Dufore as a guitar instructor to students of all
levels. I say this in all confidence from my experience with him in a teacher/
student relationship in 2010 and 2011. Jon was enrolled in my Single String
Improvisation, Rhythm Guitar, Rhythm Section Workshop, Melodic Soloing, and
Classic Rock Workshop series. In all cases he was a model student, receiving
top grades. Jon was not only an exceptional student, he developed into an
excellent, versatile guitarist. I feel confident in recommending him for any project
for which he is under consideration.

Tom Kolb
Guitar Instructor
Musicians Institute

Scott Parker

As a GIT instructor, I had the pleasure of working with Jon in core classes, as a private student, and in various performance classes such as Reggae Live Performance Workshop and R&B Live Performance Workshop. He was a fantastic student, and I look forward to hearing of his continued success. That being said, naturally I would highly recommend him to any up and coming students, as well as to any producers and musical directors in need of a good guitar player.

Scott Parker (GIT instructor)

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