New class with the Arts Council!

I’ll be teaching another guitar class via the St. Lawrence County Arts Council on 12/15.

This class will be entitled “Jimi Hendrix Rhythm Guitar”.

I’ll be teaching Jimi’s signature style of rhythm guitar by learning from the intro to his song “Little Wing.”

Click HERE for more information!

New Workbooks Are Here!

I’ve gotten my hands on some new workbooks and I can’t wait to share them.  These are proven workbooks put together from years of teaching experience across all the instruments I offer.  Music is a language, just like any other.  When you learned your native language, you learned to speak first.  You then learned all the rules like grammar, spelling, and syntax.  These workbooks are based on the same idea; designed to get you playing fast, followed quickly by understanding the musical concepts behind it all!

Looking forward to a great future for jonduforemusic!!