About Me

Hello.  My name is Jon Dufore.  Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I had many toy guitars and keyboards as a child that definitely saw their full use.  I began playing drums in 5th grade.  I was awarded tuition to the Crane School of Music‘s Crane Youth Music program for percussion from my school’s music department at the end of the 6th grade.  Learning guitar followed in 7th grade.  Bass began in 9th grade.  I played percussion and bass in the high school band, bass and guitar in the jazz band, and all three in many of my own musical adventures outside of school.  During school I played at various talent shows, pep rallies, NYSSMA solos, school concerts, dinner events, and a summer playing for Jack Kelly’s Little Big Band.

After high school I played in a professional cover band while exploring another interest of mine, Information Technology.  After obtaining an associate’s degree, I knew then that while it held my interest, my heart and soul belonged to music.  That’s when I decided to move across the country to Los Angeles.

I attended Musician’s Institute (MI) in Hollywood, CA and received my degree in Guitar Performance.  Attending this school was the best experience of my life as I was able to expand my musical knowledge tenfold.  Trying to explain everything I learned there would take days.  Basically, I became proficient on the guitar playing in many different styles.  All the other aspects of music that I was able to take in related back to my other instruments, increasing my proficiency with those as well.  My knowledge of music theory increased vastly, making me comfortable in unfamiliar playing situations.  MI gave me a lot of performance opportunities.  I set a school record for playing in 60 Live Performance Workshops (when the requirement was only 10) playing in Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Reggae, R&B, Country, Latin, Hip Hop, Real World (sight reading music charts in a group with no prior knowledge of the song), Jazz Ensemble, and probably a few others I’m forgetting.  I also was part of many student projects.  I was able to play for showcases, a few of which were in front of A&R representatives (the people that sign new bands to record labels), and be part of students’ recording projects.  At graduation I was awarded the school’s Most Outstanding Student Award.  I was featured in Guitar World magazine for this with the other award winners and instructors.  See the picture HERE.

After MI, I was playing with a reggae band called Natty Dread.  We performed all around the Hollywood area at such locals as Molly Malone’s, Room 5 Lounge, The House of Blues, and the Viper Room, quickly earning residencies at Molly Malone’s and Room 5 Lounge.

I was also able to participate in a product demo video for Roland US they were shooting for the upcoming National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show.  I was playing bass in the group that was demoing their new organ.  The video can be found on my Promotional Videos page.  In addition to being paid and treated to some wonderful Greek food, I was able to attend the invite only NAMM show as their guest, where I was able to view all the newest music products and meet many professional musicians.

Returning to my home town area, I’ve shared the knowledge I’ve gained to allow people to express themselves and their music more freely.  I currently teach guitar for St. Lawrence University (SLU) and am the owner and operator of Musical Way Academy, a company specializing in private music lessons in your own home.

I currently play with one of the north country’s premier funk/R&B/pop band, KTX, do various jazz duo gigs with fellow SLU instructor Kyle Tupper, and solo guitar performances. I am available for solo gigs for wedding ceremonies, dinner music venues, and other events.  The band is ready for pretty much any gig you want!